Quality in every detail

Friendly Aquatic Environment

The materials used in the Back to Nature backgrounds include a mixture of polyurethane which has been carefully tested for many years. The backgrounds does not release any chemical substances into the water which may be harmful to fish, plants or other living organisms in any way, nor does it affect the chemical composition of the water. For this reason, Back to Nature backgrounds may be used in all kinds of aquariums, even marine aquariums.

Hard and Durable Surface

The special production process used in the manufacture of the Back to Nature backgrounds results in a surface which is extremely hard. This is why the backgrounds can withstand rather vigorous cleaning methods. The risk that the background will be destroyed by algae-eating catfish species with strong jaws is minimal. Underneath the hard surface, the material is more porous, making the background even stronger and more durable.

Unique Coloration of the Material

The Back to Nature backgrounds are produced using a unique coloration process which prevents the color from ever flaking off. The color is combined with the material of the background itself in a chemical reaction. As a result, the surface layer will remain intact, even after years of wear and cleaning. And better yet – the color will also remain intact without losing its lustre.

The extremely hard surface combined with the unique method of coloration also means that the backgrounds will not be affected in any way by normal dosages of standard medicines (for example medicines containing methylene blue and/or malachite green) for aquarium fishes. 

Aging with Beauty

Back to Nature has been available to the public on the market since 1994, however, it is worth noting that before 1994 Sune and Charlie had been active, testing and conducting experiments a long time before that, to finally be able to produce the optimum aquarium background.

At the time of the introduction in 1994, all of the testing had already been completed and all of the negative factors had been detected and corrected and therefore a complete product was finally ready to be introduced.


The first aquarists who bought these backgrounds were not some kind of “test pilots,” thus the originators were free to concentrate on improvements in backgrounds instead of “repairing” mistakes. Both of the originators (see “History“) had tested and rejected many models and had conducted experiments with many types of materials that ultimately proved to be insufficient in quality.

In this way, Back to Nature was already a step ahead of all its competitors even at its introduction, and remains a step ahead to this today.

This is Back to Nature

Back to Nature, the original − Modeled on nature.