The versatility of Back to Nature

Back to Nature is more than just a stunning visual experience. Our backgrounds encourage you to personally create a unique setup that is determined by yourself. All of our products are easy to cut and modify − which means you can combine multiple backgrounds or modules to create your own underwater landscape as you see fit.

This page contains articles directly from Back to Nature’s creative studio, this is where we develop and test new products. The purpose of “Tips & Tricks” is to provide advice on how to use, mount and modify Back to Nature backgrounds, modules and the Slimline series. There are endless opportunities for creativity. Read more about our advices in the articles to the right.

Did you know that Back to Nature backgrounds are suitable for more than just aquariums? We have created a background that is harmless to animals and plants - which also makes it very useful for fountains, waterfalls, terrariums, vivariums or paludariums. For example you can create a thriving rainforest habitat for frogs or chameleons, or perhaps an exciting desert landscape with snakes or lizards?

The creativity is limited only by you.