Usumacinta River


Usumacinta River − another setup in the same tank


Two backgrounds combined

This aquarium measures 240 x 90 x 60 cm, 1364 litres. Two different types of backgrounds are used, these are carefully cut and spliced together with aquarium silicone. The background conceals all the heating equipment and biological filtration system. Hardscape materials are Oak, beech tree branches and worn river boulders. A mixture of fine gravel and play pit sand is used for the substrate.

Both tanks show two variation aquascapes based around the Usumacinta River basin. The first aquascape uses large branches arranged so that they give the illusion of roots penetrating through the water. The branch on the left is arranged from the bottom at an angle so that it gently sweeps across the tank blending the wood arrangement together.

The second aquascape uses a less cluttered look. Thinner pieces of beech tree branches are arranged from the bottom. The aquarium gives the illussion of a river bed with fallen dead tree branches littering the substrate.

Backgrounds in the tank