Slimline installation

In this article we will install a Slimline group Red Gneiss, but the method applies to all Slimline models. All you need is aquarium silicone, a felt pen, and something to cut – or to saw with. The material of the Slimline series is very strong – but easy to cut or saw through, making it very adaptable to your needs.

Combine your background

Combine the sections you need to cover the back glass of your aquarium. The table below gives an overview to the different aquarium dimensions. You may use the various sections in any order. All combinations are possible, as all sections have unique straight edges and overlap for interlocking and hidden joints.

The “final” overlap to reach to the edge of the aquarium should be trimmed, in order to make the background fit evenly with the side glass.

The first section

The “final” overlap to reach to the edge of the aquarium should be trimmed, in order to make the background fit evenly with the side glass.


Cut from the backside. Use a sharp thin bladed knife, bug-saw or jig-saw to cut the background.

If you use a bladed knife cut firmly 5-10 times the same track. Then carefully break off the excess material. If you haven`t cut deep enough the hard resin front may not break cleanly.


If there is a lot of silicone in the back corners of the aquarium you may have to cut away a small part of the background in order to make it fit both the back – and the side glass.

Check that the background fits the aquarium correctely.


Fix the background by using a frame of silicone or 10 – 30 fairly big lumps of aquarium silicone sealer on the back of each section. Begin with the piece that you just have cut to fit the aquarium.

Press the section firmly onto the back glass. Make sure that the upper part of the background is placed approx. 5mm above the future water level.

Now glue the other sections of the background in the same way (begin with the section that is closed to the section that has already been installed), but on these section you should also place a thin line of silicone on the backside of the overlapping section.

Wait for approx. 24 hours until the silicone has dried. Then you can fill the aquarium with water.

Slimline to cover filter and other technics

If you prefer to hide filter, heater or pipes – you may use an extra C section or small stripe of Slimline on the side of the aquarium (place it at the necessary distance from the backside to create enough space for the equipment). Place a line of silicone on the bottom and on the gable of this section and put it into place.

Adjust a background

If your aquarium is lower than the background you can easily adjust the height of the Slimline. Follow the check pattern (each square is 10mm) and trim it in the same way as in point 3 and 4 above.

If you don`t want to install the background yourself feel free to ask your aquarium supplier or local Aquarium shop. These experts can take over the installation.