Slimline - extra thin backgrounds

The slim seamless aquarium backgrounds

made in Sweden

Slimline installation

In this article we will install the White Limestone Slimline, but the method applies to all Slimline models. All you need is aquarium silicone, a felt pen, and something to cut – or to saw with. The material of the Slimline series is very strong – but easy to cut or saw through, making it very adaptable to your needs.

Combine Slimline elements A B C

Combine the sections you need for your aquarium. You may use the various sections in any order. All combinations are possible, as all sections have unique straight edges and overlap for interlocking and hidden joints.

Glue the first section to place

Check that the whole combination fits the aquarium. Begin with the section where the overlap end is towards the side glass of the aquarium. The overlap is profiled and should be trimmed off, in order to make the background fit evenly with the side glass. Apply aquarium silicone and press the section firmly onto the back glass. Make sure that the upper part of the background is placed a bit above the future water level. The gap between the background and the bottom glass doesn’t matter, as will be covered with the aquarium gravel. Now glue the next section of the background in the same way. On this section you can also place a thin line of silicon on the backside of the overlapping edge.

Glue the last segment in

Measure and mark the width of the last section and cut from the backside. Use a saw or a sharp thin bladed knife, cut firmly in the same track. If you use a saw – make sure the saw is as horizontal as possible when cutting. Wait for 12 − 24 hours until the silicon has cured. Then you can start up the aquarium. Enjoy your brand new Back to Nature Slimline!