Power Glue 290ml

The Back to Nature Power Glue has been developed for the installation of aquarium backgrounds and modules.

Bonds and fixes different materials with and among each other. Ideal for glueing and fixation even under humid conditions. The fast adhesion allows you to carry out designs using several modules in a very short time. Thanks to the short waiting period you can quickly re-fill your aquarium after you‘ve installed the materials. Subsequent additions and changes can be easily implemented. No unpleasant smells as with silicone.

Product advantages:
• Tested in aquatics over many years
• For freshwater and marine tanks
• Fast curing even at low temperatures
• Suitable for fixing decorations in aquariums
• Extremely high adhesive strength, even on damp substrates

Instruction manual:
Substrates and parts to be bonded must be clean, able to carry load and free from dust and grease. If you want to amend existing rock structures in your tank, they need to be cleaned thoroughly with a brush. Remove algae, biofilms and sediments and then glue in the additional modules or the new background. After a few hours, you can top up your aquarium with water. How to glue: Apply a long bead or individual dots to one of the surfaces to be glued. Press background or rocks firmly to the surface and stabilize if necessary. Smoothen any visible glue beads afterwards and cover them with sand, peat or Original Back to Nature color pigment if you wish.

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