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Wide range of Aquarium backgrounds, Slimline and Modules for scaping your nature aquarium

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3D-aquarium background, flat and endless slimline backgrounds, rock modules or a combination

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The perfect aquarium background – made from natural patterns by hand. Unique design for the scaping natural and easy-care nature aquariums. Our backgrounds are harmless to animals and plants. Design natural aquariums, terrariums and water gardens with our manifold possibilities. Let your creativity take over your mind and body … Crafted by hand to perfection, Made in Sweden

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Doesn‘t the 3D-background take up too much space in the aquarium?

On average, a 3d background takes up to a depth of 5-15 cm in the aquarium. For that reason we recommend aquarium with a minimum depth of 40 cm. The deeper the aquarium, the more attractive the 3D effect. The 200 cm-long XL Amazonas should only be used in aquariums with a minimum depth of 70-80 cm. The Malawi background is very flat and requires only a minimum depth. On the other hand, real stones and roots so take a lot of space in the aquarium. However, a 3D background displaces much less than stones for example. Use the area behind the background as a large biofilter.

Does the water behind the background have to circulate?

Yes, the water has circulated to the background to prevent any sources of decomposition forming. Use the free space behind the filter and / or install other visually intrusive components as well as pumps, heaters, pipes etc.

How long does a background last?

The oldest ones have been under water for 25 years and are still in perfect condition. The unique manufacturing process makes Back to Nature products extremely robust and colourfast. For this reason our aquarium products come with a 10-year guarantee.

How do you keep a BTN clean from algae?

Put algae eating fish and snails in the aquarium. The animals graze on the surfaces and keep them clean the natural way. However, the background does not look soiled or covered with algae, simply brush it off with a washing-up brush. The backgrounds are rugged and will not be damaged by it.

My aquarium is taller than the background – what can I do?

If the aquarium is taller than the background, the filter foam or a rigid foam board can be built in underneath the background to a maximum height of 10 cm. These can then be covered with substrate and no longer be visible. The 3d-background must be fixed in the middle of a glass strip or rigid foam board on top of the glass bottom of the aquarium. The rest of the area should be bonded to the bottom and rear wall of the aquarium. Excess foam is cut away along the length of the background. Finally, cover the foam with aquarium sealant and then cover over with aquarium gravel or coarse sand. Make sure you are wearing disposable gloves when you do this.

Tips & Tricks

Rock module installation

Unchain your creativity and create your unique, individually designed 3D rock background with Back to Nature rock modules. Rock modules can be combined as well with 3D backgrounds and Slimline backgrounds.

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Slimline – extra thin backgrounds

The slim seamless aquarium backgrounds

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Installing step by step a 3D aquarium background

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Liana tree trunk modules

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Giant Rocks for landscaping

Large rocks for individual indoor and outdoor garden scapes. The rocks are UV-resistant and easy to install due to their low weight.