Rock module installation

Unchain your creativity and create your unique, individually designed 3D rock background with Back to Nature rock modules. Rock modules can be combined as well with 3D backgrounds and Slimline backgrounds.

made in Sweden

Assemble the rock modules

The rock modules are arranged for a coarse design without gluing in the aquarium. Test which combination works best. Overhanging rocks create depth. Fix the rocks with wooden strips and filter foam.

Adjust and glue in the rock modules

Glue in the the rock modules and adjusted if necessary. The easiest way to cut rocks is with a jigsaw. Afterwards, the glue joints are pressed off with sand. Wait for 12 − 24 hours until the silicon has cured. Then you can start up the aquarium. Enjoy yourself-designed Back to Nature rock biotope!

Fill up your aquarium and add some real stones on the bottom

Your own rock biotoe is done